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At Fortina Senior Solutions, we don't think it's ever too soon to plan for eldercare needs, whether they are immediate or for the future. We also know that senior living options and eldercare planning can be puzzling!


Our personalized guidance is designed to help people avoid a crisis (or make one easier) by solving their own, unique long-term care puzzle ... so someone else won’t need to make important decisions for them.

Fortina Senior Solutions helps people find independent living, assisted living and memory care community options and/or personal care services for their individual circumstances. We provide services in Albany/the Capital District, Central New York, Northern New Mexico, Southern California and throughout the US.

Fortina Solutions ... for senior living has evolved and we are proud and excited to introduce Fortina Senior Solutions!

Still serving Santa Fe/Northern New Mexico and the Southwest, we also help people find senior living options and eldercare services in the New York Capital District (Albany area) and throughout Central New York. Since we are not limited geographically (and know a lot about senior living throughout the country), we can help long-distance friends and family members too!

If you have an immediate need or want to plan ahead to avoid having to make important decisions during a crisis, don't wait to be in touch. Remember, it's never too soon to have a plan!


Why Fortina?


Fortina Senior Solutions was formed as a tribute to my grandmother – Tina - who I simply adored. By having the courage to make a change in her living situation at the age of 81, she influenced my lifelong decision to help people live their best quality of life as they age. When she moved from her home to an assisted living community, I saw firsthand that living a quality life again was possible at any age, and wanted to help others have the same experience.

Since beginning my senior living career in the early 90s, it is impossible to count the number of times I have said “if it weren’t for Tina” followed by any number of examples of the ways her influence blessed me with an incredibly rewarding career, and life. For instance, I would not have known the joy of helping ease the fears that go with major decisions people face as they age, I might never have pursued a career in senior living or basked in the love of so many of the residents in the many communities I’ve been involved with or made professional connections that evolved into lifelong friendships.

Tina has been gone since 1995 but a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of her or say “if it weren’t for Tina”. I deeply value how Fortina Senior Solutions came to be and know I would not be here today, with as much passion for helping people navigate some of life’s toughest decisions if it had not been “for Tina”. It is an honor to continue her legacy through helping people and their families navigate the maze of eldercare services and senior living options.

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