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“How fortunate our family was to cross paths with Allyson precisely when we needed her the most. In the aftermath of our mother's stroke, my brothers and I were confronted with the realization that her independent living was no longer sustainable. Faced with an overwhelming array of options and the urgent need to make decisions, having a knowledgeable ally to navigate this journey became indispensable.

Allyson emerged as the guiding force we desperately needed. Swiftly orchestrating the process, she expertly curated a concise and manageable list of assisted living options, even coordinating the appointments for us to visit. Through her thoughtful guidance, our mom now resides in the perfect place for her needs and we could not be more grateful.

It is abundantly clear that Allyson not only excels in her role but genuinely loves what she does. Her extensive knowledge of various facilities proved invaluable to us. Without reservation, we highly recommend Allyson to anyone seeking compassionate and informed assistance in the realm of senior care.”


- Kathryn Schwartz

“Our family recently had to come to terms with the fact that it was time to move my father into a memory care facility for the first time AND to New Mexico from Texas. The task was so daunting and overwhelming we all felt paralyzed.

​From the second I explained our needs to Allyson, I saw her click into gear and she began compiling a list of solutions for us. I was touring what would be his awesome facility that very afternoon and she helped us to find money-saving opportunities as well!

Allyson is what I would term an Earth Angel with a heart of gold and the brilliance and professionalism to make magic happen. She has shown us how beautiful this stage of life with our dad can be for all of us.


We are forever grateful for Fortina Solutions, highly recommending this service to anyone looking for elder care, including planning for your future!”

- Ali Montgomery

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“I was lucky enough to meet Allyson just as my life with my husband was changing. As he began declining, I was becoming more panicked and confused about what to do. It all seemed overwhelming. How would I get through this difficult time? I didn’t know where to start.

​Friends introduced me to Allyson and her work in senior living solutions. She has a broad knowledge of the field and tremendous energy for her mission. Each time I meet with her I leave with the feeling that I am not alone in navigating this territory. What a relief! It makes such a difference to have help in traversing this new phase of aging. To have help with, not just referrals, but with asking the right questions, and finding the answer that fit my particular situation.

​Allyson is warm, friendly, and caring in a way that makes the process much easier at a time when so much seems hard. It leaves me hopeful and more certain that I can find my way through these life changes.

I recommend Fortina Solutions with much gratitude."


- Louise Klok, LICSW

“I have been an estate planning and estate administration attorney for 30 years.  I have had the opportunity to work with Allyson of Fortina Solutions on a few occasions.  She has proved to be an invaluable resource to clients who are attempting to find suitable residential placement for loved ones.  The entire process of finding the right memory care, assisted living, or independent living community can be daunting and overwhelming.

Allyson’s passion for the services she provides, her knowledge, and her compassion for people has been demonstrated with every client I have referred.  Allyson has also proved to be an invaluable resource in navigating the difficult issues and discussions with family members.  It is always without hesitation that I recommend and endorse Allyson and Fortina Solutions.”

 - Daniel Monte, Attorney

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“Late one Friday afternoon I discovered that I had to find my 94 year-old dad alternative assisted living arrangements. The gut kick was that I only had two days to relocate him. That same afternoon I attempted to visit other facilities. Given the urgency I was, of course, unsuccessful. I was in total despair when I awoke Saturday morning.

​In one of those “a friend of a friend situations” I was directed to Allyson not fully knowing her capabilities nor how, or if, she could help me. Within minutes of leaving a voice mail my call was returned. I knew from Allyson’s comforting and confident words that I was in good hands – I dared to allow myself the feeling of some relief.

Shortly after our phone conversation I was meeting Allyson, discussing my dad’s situation in depth. She met with my dad immediately forming a mutual trusting bond. Allyson then assured me that she’d find a facility for my dad. I was in awe. A total stranger fully grasped the urgency, taking control of the situation. Late Saturday afternoon Allyson called; she had secured my dad’s admission to a brand-new facility in town. Dad had his interview Sunday morning and moved in on Monday. Within 24 hours I’d gone from a dark place to one of light.

Allyson literally saved my dad and me. Dad was much happier in his new place and loved Allyson as much as I do. I will forever be grateful.”

- Steve Cantrell

“Allyson has been one of my highest utilized professional resources. I frequently have clients and/or their concerned family members call me requesting advice about what to do and where to turn for increasing assistance and needs.


Allyson’s willingness and ability to connect people to the services and/or communities that fit their needs is INVALUABLE! She is readily available for phone calls and is willing to meet with clients and their family members expeditiously whether that be in person, by zoom or over the phone. She is flexible, knowledgeable, experienced and takes the burden of phone calls and research off of the shoulders of our clients.

​I found Allyson’s services to be of such utility that I used her expertise when it came to my own parents needing to transition into assisted living. We are most grateful for her assistance in this daunting process! Now that my folks have formally been moved in for months, Allyson continues to call and even meet with them occasionally to keep in contact. I highly recommend her to anyone considering this transition!”

- Erin Johnson, RN, BSN

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“Fortina Senior Solutions is the most ethical, compassionate, professional and knowledgeable company you can find. I needed to find care for my parents in Santa Fe while living across the country. An impossible task.

Fortina Solutions provided amazing support, despite the 2-hour time difference! Unbelievably responsive, but more importantly, one of the most knowledgeable companies out there to help you work through the best solution for your loved one.

​Not an easy process but they help you work through all the options in a caring and informative way with no pressure, ever. Thank you so much for all of your help. You have no idea how grateful we are!!!”

- Megan Malone

“Allyson’s depth of knowledge regarding our senior community and seniors’ needs is formidable thanks to her years of service in senior living and aging services. We both work in client and information sensitive arenas. I have always found Allyson to be professional and ethical as she puts the client’s best interests at the forefront. She is my go-to person whenever I need advice or guidance for senior facilities and senior care.

​I highly recommend Allyson because of her professionalism and for being a deep listener, a creative solution finder, and her proactive approach to help people avoid having to make important decisions under stress. I would trust her completely with my own mother.”


- Carolyn Moore, Owner/CEO, Nurses With Heart

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Copy of Copy of Copy of testimonial - ali montgomery.png

“Long distance daughter, first time to need assisted living services and Covid raging.


Finding Allyson was the best thing that happened to us. Her knowledge and experience were very helpful and reassuring.  Her advice was proactive, and she was always available to answer new questions.


Based on our needs she suggested 5 places to call then helped us evaluate the pros and cons until we made a decision that worked very well for us.  She is a professional with a heart!” 


– Deanne Williams

"Compassion aligned with years of experience! My conversations with Allyson Nathan regarding the care of a family member have given me hope and direction."


– Helen Muterperl

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"If you're seeking guidance in navigating the complexities of assisted living or memory care options, trust Allyson Nathan at Fortina Senior Solutions. With a deep understanding of individual needs across diverse backgrounds and health conditions, Allyson brings patience and sensitivity to her work especially in challenging situations. Her dedication to matching clients with personalized care solutions is evident in every interaction. 


As a registered nurse and owner of a home care agency, it is critical to trust the community partners with whom you are working and referring to. I have never hesitated to recommend Fortina Senior Solutions as a resource for clients and their families looking to move to another level of care in the community, knowing that they will be well taken care of by Allyson. I truly enjoy collaborating with Allyson because she works hard to support her clients in a compassionate and practical manner. Allyson's extensive knowledge of local senior resources and active involvement in the community make her an invaluable ally in the transitional care journey."  


- Elais Ponton, Registered Nurse

"As a Social Worker, in a fast paced, small regional hospital, I want to thank you, for your problem solving focus. You have come through, when I have called for your expertise to help vulnerable seniors and their families navigate senior living options and resources. Your passion, empathic listening skills and knowledge are appreciated."

- Lori Shepard, LCSW

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"I want to thank you for all your help, advice and compassion over the last year and a half. You have been so amazing to spend time talking with me on multiple occasions and providing so much helpful information.  What you do matters.

Thank you again for all your support!"

- Raney Thornton

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